People often ask us how GiggedIn is even possible because it sounds too good to be true!  We’re are here to make going out and seeing live music easy & affordable. Through our tight relationships within the industry, we’re able to drive some pretty epic savings for you whilst at the same time also helping support artists, venues and the events we work with by helping fill up rooms! It’s a win-win we’re pretty proud of.

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Thought it was a bullshit scam but it worked n its sick
- Bec Ranamuck, member

Giggedin is such bang for buck. I’m seeing so many more awesome bands than I ever have before, yet spending so much less than! Perfectomundo!
- Claudia Elvy, member

Subscription services are the future. (GiggedIn) provides the freedom to explore new and abundant selections of music, for a considerably small monthly fee meaning that new discovery has never been (easier) for music lovers.
- Tonedeaf

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